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Rinvaran Fardawn was the leader of the Order of Pelor; wielder of Justice. For decades, he led him men in search of darkness in every corner of Elven Minmrie. In every endeavor he was victorious. Until, his hubris led them, unprepared, to the lair of a demon and all perished, save him.

He returned to the Order disgraced. The loss of his men hit him hard and he left the Order to do what he could on the border of the Empire of Minmrie. There he found men in need of leadership and innocents in need of saving.

Deep in the dark of night, shadows stirred and rose up. Rinvaran fought bravely until the dawn drove away the demons. Marks on the walls of the buildings were the same as those left by the demon who defeated his men. Everyone was dead.

In torment, Rinvaran called out to Pelor and received Retribution.

He was compelled to return home. There, Elder Tharyarien gave him a letter to deliver to a group of adventurers. He left in search of this party with no other clues than their letter.

Rinvaran's Journey

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